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Glass artist Paul Critchley’s love of art began in childhood and led him to study Fine Art Sculpture to Masters Level in the Midlands. After teaching art in the UK and then New Zealand, he transformed some of his figurative sculptures into glass via lost wax glass casting. On his return to the U.K. Paul spent just over a year renting a studio alongside Isle of Wight Studio Glass

Inspired by the glassblowers working with molten glass, Paul decided to build his own glassworks. In 2002, his ambition was realized and Diamond Isle Sculptured Glass opened in the heart of the Isle of Wight at Arreton Old Village.

several viewing areas allow an intimate appreciation of how molten glass can be sculpted into a diverse range of work. Since opening, Paul has developed his own style and has used the fluid nature of molten glass to create some exuberant glass creations.