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Running a business such as a glassworks clearly uses a lot of natural resources and I am dedicated to reducing the effect my business has on the environment.   I would like my customers to feel happy that their sculpture is created in an environmentally friendly way as is possible.  Our popular recycled glass awards, means no glass goes to waste!

carbon.footprint.logo.gifWe now offset the carbon emitted from all the gas used in the making of our glass. This year, through the Footprint Trust, 60 trees have been planted in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya.   See for more information.

      The furnace runs on natural gas and I designed it to be very efficient.  It is insulated with the most up to date materials and powered by a modern burner designed and supplied by MRJ Furnaces .
      Unlike most glassworks I generally use the furnace and not a glory hole to reheat the piece. This saves a great deal of energy and stops the studio from cooking!  The furnace is on all the time, day and night.  To turn it off at the end of the day and then fire it up in the morning would not only waste large amounts of gas, it would also stress the structure of the furnace through all the sudden shrinking & expanding.  In the Summer of 2008 I had a stainless steel heat exchanger fitted to the flue to preheat the air before it goes into the burner. This has resulted in the furnace using about 25% less gas!

The glass I use is soda based and does not contain any lead. I am therefore not releasing any lead into the air during melting and into the water system during the grinding processes.

RECYCLING ALL THE GLASS also recycle all the left over glass called cullet.  Many glassworks throw their coloured cullet away.
We separate the clear and coloured glass during the year.  The clear glass is mixed in with the new glass I buy and the coloured bits are melted with cobalt or chrome oxide to give a blue or  green glass respectively.
We are proud to have made many recycled glass trophies since 2007.  
The Crown Estate 2012 Rural Business Award is pictured left.

We have now changed nearly all of our bulbs over to energy efficient LED types.  Our evening display lights and cabinets are also on timers.  

Luckily working on a large site like this, some packaging materials can be recycled. This includes boxes, bubble wrap, flowpack and polystyrene sheets. The gift boxes I buy are made from a cardboard which is made from sustainable forests that are replanted to replace trees that are cut down.   We are now placing the majority of purchases in paper bags and only using plastic for heavier items.  Some of our packaging is now sourced from Green Island Supplies.

gift_to_nature.jpgInstead of a demonstration fee, we suggest people place a donation in one of our many charity boxes:  
£2154 has been donated to GIFT TO NATURE which helps  Island conservation projects.
Visit their website to see what work they do -

Our KIDS ARC FOUNDATION donation box has now collected £1623.97.  The money will help this international charity help orphaned young children from Tailand.  

The IOW Earl Mountbatten Hospice's Go Yellow Day helped raise £42.

Barnardos have also recently received a £50 donation.

We have also donated:
£100 towards the Africa Children's Development Trust.
£135 towards the IOW Kingfishers Disabled swimming club.
£50 towards the WightAid which helps Romanian Street Children.